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Enhance your lifestyle through a subtle tint!


Innovative Biocompatible AQUAGRIP™ Technology

For Comfort Quality Hygiene

Clearlab AQUAGRIP™ Technology is dehydration resistant and tear resistant. Biocompatibility allows the lens to contact the eye without causing allergy, hypersensitivity or other adverse reactions. With Clearlab contact lenses, you can experience long-lasting comfort, extended wearing time, enhanced ocular health, and ease of handling and fitting.

World First’s Biocompatible Silicone Hydrogel Lens

clearday BEYOND with an innovative Tri-channels technology

The first biocompatible Sihy Lens for reduced patient drop-out. AQUAGRIPTM technology: No need for eye drops for most patients. Tri-channel technology for enhanced water, ion and oxygen supply to the cornea. Ultra-thin lens for “No Lens Feel”View Premium Silicone Hyrdogel Range

clearday Beyond_Box

Show Your True Colors

Channel your inner light or dark side.

Clearlab color contact lenses offer something for everyone. From subtle color enhancements to striking new looks, our color selection encompasses them all. Experience optimum movement, enhanced comfort and amazingly beautiful eyes.View clearcolor range

Get A Clear Perspective

Hydrated eyes with AQUAGRIP™ Technology.

Choose hydration and high definition at the same time with Clearlab daily disposable clear contact lenses. Clinical studies showed that wearers chose Clearlab over other contact lens brands for comfort and round-the-clock moisture.View clearlab Premium range